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Saturday, December 02, 2006


Okay. Help me out here....really!!!

I'm up early, on-line, looking for something I THOUGHT was going to be a snap.

Am I an idiot, or am I on-line challenged or both?

Please tell me I'm not STUPID. It's too early in the day.

But I can see I DO need help.


Here's the challenge.....

I want a SIMPLE, FREE pattern for a knit ski cap-type hat for a man with a 23" head.

Yeah. Pls don't tell me to just "Google-It" because I did and I coulen't find nutin' that works. Crochet patterns gallore! Why do I get crochet patterns when I type in "free men's knit hat pattern" or "free men's ski cap knit pattern" or any number of various versions of that????

I knit little baby caps for the preemies at our hospital and for newborn size -- but I'll be dang if I can find a (keyword) SIMPLE hat pattern for a man with a fairly large head! I couldn't find one for a man with a small head!!

So what does a person DO now????

Help!!!!! Can you?

Annie is frustrated...and that's NOT a pretty sight!! LOL


Thursday, November 30, 2006


Here's what happens to me over and over again!! I come in here, check if I have any new "visitors" to my last post. No? Okay. Now let's go see what my Favorite Blogs have to offer today! Oh! That's interesting...think I'll comment on that....oh! that's interesting to read, think I'll email that to my children, siblings and friends, etc. etc. Oh! There's an interesting link -- let's see what THAT's all about.

Tick Tock Tick Tock......

You get the picture, right?

Oops! It's so late! I have to get up in the morning and get going!! Yikes! No time to write a posting on my own blog! Dang! People are going to stop visiting my blog altogether if I don't get my act together and WRITE SOMETHING INTERESTING!!!

So many blogs (to read) and so little time.

Thanks for listenning to my whiiiiiiiney ways today.

I'm home here waiting for the washer repairman to arrive, only I'm also suppose to be wrapping Christmas gifts. (sigh) So that's why I'm online reading blogs, right?

Sometimes I feel like a real teenager again! Remember how that went? Need to work on math homework -- first call girlfriend and get involved in a long-winded conversation about pretty much not much. Oops! Where on earth did the evening go?! Not enough time to get the homework finished! Yikes! How'd THAT happen???

Well, that's what's been happening to me of late, and that's why if you read the blogs I read -- you've seen me on them just typing my little heart out in the response areas! Sheesh!

Okay. Time for turning over a New Leaf. (I love that expression!)

A New Leaf.

This implies freshness. This brings to mind Spring! This is a good thought like fresh-air and new growth.

Only I've just used up all the TIME I can afford this afternoon -- the repairman just called and he's ten minutes away from here and I have to go take a very FAST shower and get dressed because I do not want to greet him at the door while I'm wearing my pajamas!!!! What? I'm not even dressed????

Who knew!? LOL

P.S. Next posting here is going to be "Annie's Favorite Quotes". It's riviting!! Don't miss it!!! Oh, and thanks a million for droppng by!! And have a super good day!

Thursday, November 23, 2006


Please visit Julie's blog at mentaltesserae@blogspot. You'll see I'm a quasi-copycat in that after reading her wonderful Thanksgiving Day post and seeing her wonderful pictures....I've decided there are certainly thirteen things in MY life I'm very thankful for today (and most other days as well). Notice I said "things"....therefore no human beings will be listed here with one exception......

1) My ability to nap. Don't laugh. Many people can't "nap" and so they haven't the foggiest idea how wonderful napping is. I'm on my way to a wonderful one right after this posting!

2) Thanksgiving comes only once-a-year. I'm serious. This is a LOT of work!!

3) Gravy. Think about it! What if no one had invented the stuff. Mashed potatoes with just butter on them? No gravy over the dressing and turkey? I think we overlook the importance of gravy. So I'm highlighting it here, today, for all the world to see. You GO GRAVY!!! I LOVE YA!!!!!

4) Non-asprin pain reliever. Again, don't laugh. When you are my age the old back and knees are not your friends. These pills are! They're going to get me through today's dinner prep and clean-up!

5) Throw-away disposable baking pans for turkeys. No more of the scrubbing-the-roaster for THIS modern woman!!

6) Hot water and lots of it. Think of what the women during the First Thanksgiving went through. She didn't have hot, running water for clean-up and she didn't get to soak in a deep tub afterwards, either. Poor baby. You know where THIS baby will be tonight after everyone leaves! Splish. Splash.

7) Thanksgiving cards. There are so many people I love who are far away and I adore sending them funny Thanksgiving cards each year.

8) Stove-Top dressing mix. Oh I know....I shouldn't even ADMIT that I use the stuff. But I am a terrible stuffing-maker. Trust me. Everyone thinks I make wonderful stuffing...should I tell them my secret?? LOL

9) Beautiful paper napkins. Not those plain white dinner napkins, mind you. The ones my mother use to save for Christmas and Thanksgiving ONLY. No. I buy beautifully decorated napkins for both occassions. Lovely.

10) Electric stoves vs. wood-burning. Speaks for itself . LOL

11) The fact that my mother took the time to teach me how to cook. I can make the entire Thanksgiving dinner by myself and pretty much not break a sweat. She taught me how to make wonderful pie crusts and how to time things correctly....and yes, I'll admit I am extremely ANAL when it comes to all dishes being piping-hot when served at Thanksgiving. No cold mashed potatoes for me or mine! (I've been known to get somewhat nasty about everyone gettin' to the table!!!! in order for this to be so......) P.S. She also taught me how to make really good gravy!

12) The ability to ignore, totally, all sales the day AFTER Thanksgiving. I learned the hard way....but I learned. Oh, how I learned!

13) All the years I got to just come-to-the-table and partake....without participating in the pre-meal stuff. In other words, all my childhood memories of Thanksgiving....when the house smelled wonderful and I hadn't the foggiest notion what it took to get it that way. Thanks be to God.

And thanks for dropping by here! Have a lovely day and a wonderful tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Sometimes I wonder why we call it "Thanksgiving" and in truth it's not my favorite holiday!

I like to give thanks all through the large and small ways. Not just tomorrow when there's a huge turkey on the table and people around me I wouldn't do all that work for if it was just a normal day.

I know. I know. I'm admitting something really negative.

Bah to Thanksgiving. The holiday.

Hoorah to thanks-giving all year long. Hoorah to doing unexpected things for people when it's not a holiday.

Hoorah for doing nice things for people anonymously!

Hoorah for giving to your local food bank on the off-season....for buying school clothes for a family you know can't afford them for the children.

Hoorah that the pilgrims had the courage and spunk to come here to a New Land and that the indians were kind enough to help them out.

Hoorah for so many nice people out here in Blogland.

Have a lovely matter how you spend it, who you spend it with and whether or not you agree with me! Hoorah for the freedom to say what we think and feel.

And as always...thanks for dropping by. I will try to be a little more "uplifting" the next time I write. Right now I'm buried in yams. LOL

Thursday, November 16, 2006

WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND.....and other thoughts on growing old

Someone, lazylazyme I think it was (see his blog called too tired to be corrupt @ blogspot) said the following:


Boy, there is certainly some truth to that one. And his comment has kept me thinking about it for several days since I first read it. Think. Think. Think. I'm kinda like Pooh who walks around tapping his head and trying to think about what it was he was suppose to think about. LOL

Anyway -- our parents growing older.

That seems to be quite the problem these days.

And I've come up with some thoughts on that. Nothing heavy-duty, mind you. Just some thoughts which I'd like to pass along -- and I'd like to get them onto paper (or the equivalant of paper!) and out of my own brain so I can think about some other "stuff" for awhile!

We all grow old.

In fact...every day we are alive we are just a little closer to "old" than we were the day before yesterday.

Some of us grow older a great deal more gracefully than others.

Some of us are old before our time! We drink and smoke and take basically terrible care of these beautiful machines we have called our bodies. We only get one, but we act like we get several or like the one we have is invincible!

Phyllis Diller once said, "Be nice to your children. They're the ones who are going to pick out your nursing home!" There is some truth to this statement!

I think it's a really good idea to do some thinking about just what KIND of older person we want to end up being.....seriously. Since life just seems to sneak up on us, this decision needs to be made quite a number of years ahead of time.

For you have a neighbor or an aunt that is just the greatest person to be around even though she is in ill health, getting up there in years and no one ever visits her much? The kind that never says a complaining word, never tries to make you feel guilty about how you are too busy to come visit, who is just happy when you do visit and lets you go happily when you need to leave? Is that the kind of person you'd like to be when you "grow up"?

It's that kind of stuff I like to ponder on.

So, too, there is the subject of our parents.

I know what you mean.

They get up there in years, we get up there into the age where they use to be and now we can't tell them much of anything!! It's absolutely frustrating!

It's role-reversal and I am not happy about it.

Are you?

And at the same time I have to laugh about it. And laugh we must! We simply must laugh because if we don't we are going to end up being frustrated, angry old people! Our parents are going to be dead and gone and you know what we are going to be ranting and raving about into our old age?


Our parents and what pains-in-the-butt they "used to be".


And you know what else?

No one that again...NO ONE is going to want to sit and listen to us gripe about our parents and how awful it was to try and deal with them! No one is going to care. Think I'm wrong on this? Do you enjoy listenning to your parents complain about your grandparents? I'm thinking probably not.

So where does that leave us?

It leaves us with today....and tomorrow and all the other days coming down the pike!

And there is only one day we have to be patient, kind, understanding and compassionate with our parents .... and that is today.

Tomorrow will take care of itself.

And if we can do it this the time the far-away "tomorrow" of OUR old age gets here -- we will be really fun folks to be around.

I know several 93 yr. olds today...and let me assure you it is the ones who are like the above person I described (the guilt-free version) that I gravitate to over and over again.


I think my brain can now go back to "normal" again. Now that I got that all off my chest!

But then "normal" is just a setting on the dryer, right? LOL

Thanks for dropping by and come back anytime!! By-the-way, I framed the sixty-four year-old maple leaf in a gold frame, with it mounted on a beautiful, textured sheet of white paper -- It looks stunning and sits here reminding me that even a maple leaf can have a wonderful message! And that my grandmother managed to leave behind a simple treasure....

Saturday, November 11, 2006


I was visiting a wonderful blog tonight (what a surprise, right? ). It's name is onetallmomma@blogspot and she wrote about her recent experience of inviting two Morman boys to have dinner with her family. Boy, did that ever bring back a memory of a story. My grandmother used to do things like that, and more. Thought I'd share this with you.....So get a nice cup of tea or cocoa, sit back and come with me back to about 1943.....

My grandmother was the mother to many children; some hers and many not. She was the mother-hen of the neighborhood. All that I'm writing you about happened years and years before I was born -- but I love the story nonetheless. It was a time when people reached out to others...

My dad and his brothers were in the Army during WWII, and my grandmother missed them terribly.

This is the same grandmother I wrote about earlier. The one who wrote my dad a letter every single day while he was in training. She is the one who put the maple leaf in the envelope that I happened upon the other night. Yeah, that grandma.


Apparently one very cold winter night she was driving home and happened to drive (I figure on-purpose) by the campus of the college that was in town. It was dinnertime and cold outside. She saw a couple of fellows walking along, so she stopped her car and asked them if they'd had dinner. No, they hadn't. Would they like to get in the car and go with her to a lovely turkey dinner she had at home? Well, sure! So they piled into her car and away they went.

Imagine doing that today. Not.

After the feast, everyone sat around and visited long into the night. These two fellows were far away from home, probably months from being drafted and I'm sure they never forgot the lovely woman who scooped them up and fed them that night. My aunts still tell that story.

Another time my grandmother was at the bus station rather late one evening, having dropped off a cousin for a trip home. She stood in the small station, looking at the young woman at the end of the seating area and she wondered to herself why a young girl would be sitting alone in a bus station so late at night.

My grandma wasn't a person to just wonder and then walk away. She felt morally obligated to check out the situation. I wonder if I would have?

As it turned out, the young girl had run away from home and didn't have a clue where she was going. She'd landed in that bus station because that's as far as her money took her. No more money. No more bus ride. Now what?

Of course with the warmth of my grandmother's interest and I'm sure a gentle arm around her shoulders...this young woman broke down and told her story.

So, naturally, home she went with my grandmother.

They phoned the girl's parents, who were not the least bit interested in having the girl come back home again anytime soon!

So Susie stayed.

My grandmother put her upstairs in my dad's old room....enrolled her in high school so she could finish her senior year, helped her find a part-time job with a friend of my grandmother's and Susie stayed.

You can bet she told this story to her children. About the wonderful woman who took the time to care....

I think we've lost something in the intervening years, don't you? I'm certain of it.

But I like to find ways to spread a little kindness wherever I can. I don't think it would be wise or sane to do today what my grandmother did back then -- but I know there are still safe ways today to do kindness to others. Even when they don't know our names.

On the other hand, onetallmomma did exactly what my Meeme did back in 1943 and I think that's just about the nicest thing I've read in a long, long time. Be sure and visit her blog!

And thanks for dropping by my blog! Have just a super, restful weekend.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


I just returned from visiting a rather "heated discussion" blog-site. I was surprised by the intensity of the conversations going on there. It's a pro-choice abortion site, so I suppose it was rather niave of me to think there would be calm discussion. Abortion is such a "hot topic" and emotions (on both ends of the decision) run so deep and are so full of passion.

One of the posts (and responses) had to do with "proving" things like whether Jesus was who he said he was, whether there is hell, and so forth.

I guess I'm just getting old. Years ago I'd have jumped into the discussion with both feet. I'd have given all the arguments and directions and simply added my own particular fuel to an already burning fire. Pointless. So very pointless.

See, if someone asks me (key word is 'asks') what I believe, why I believe it and how I came to believe thus -- I'm happy to spend the time and share my story with them. Occassionally someone asks...and it's a wonderful story! I love to share it! Probably 'cuz it's my story. You know how that goes -- we all like to talk about our own "stuff".

But to enter into an argument over whether there is a hell, prove it, disprove it, etc. etc. seems like such a waste of precious time!

I labeled this post "So Where Is Hell??" because I know that is a very human question that at some point in time most of us ponder. I think it's worth asking and I think it's worth stating here where I think it is. Keep in mind this is simply my opinion, my belief, my take on the subject.

I know what the Bible tells me about hell and I take it very seriously. If you were to strip away all the adjectives, the fear, the this and the that -- here is what I believe is hell:

Hell is being separated from the love of God.

Do I think it's that simple?

Yes. I do.

Think about that.

What would it mean to us to be totally separated from God's love?

Well, I'm pretty sure all that I now know and love....all that I feel that is good and worthy...sunshine, happiness, feelings of being valuable, and so on are all things that I have because I am a child of God. He made me. He knew me even before I was formed inside my mother. I was created on-purpose.

And that feels like the love of God.

So anywhere I would go that was completely separate from my Heavenly Father -- is Hell.

And the idea that I would spend all of eternity separated from his love is, well, a hellish thought to me. Incomprehensible.

Not what I choose for myself.

And I am the absolute only person who can do the choosing.

I can choose to remain close to my Creator. Or I can turn my back on Him.

My choice.

He made us pro-choice when it comes to choosing Him.

Thank God.

Peace to you...and thanks for coming by here.


I love to read other people's much so, I find it difficult to think about my own and what to write here!

Lately I've been visiting a list of blogs I've labeled "My Favorite Knitting Blogs" and it's great fun to see all the beautiful projects people are working on.

But as the months have passed, it has occurred to me that there are all kinds of knitters, the way there are all kinds of writers and artists, etc. etc.

And there is room for each of us in this old world.

I've discovered that I'm what I call a "Good-Cause Knitter". I absolutely adore knitting for worthy causes like tiny little hats for the preemie department at the local hospital. Or chemo-caps for the cancer group here in town. Lap throws for the nursing home, or sweaters of various sizes for local and worldwide orgnizations.

I take pictures of my creations when they are finished, then I say 'bye' to them and send them on their way -- hoping they bring warmth and comfort to whomever they go to. It's like sending a part of my heart out into the Big World! We knitters take our projects all over the place with when we send 'em on their way, it's a happy kind of farewell, but a little sad too.

This means, of course, that I don't buy high-end yarn. And there was a time when I felt somewhat embarrassed about that.

As though the price of the yarn set the value of the project.

I don't feel that way anymore. I've "evolved", I guess.

Tonight I bought a skein of soft, soft worsted-weight yarn in a wonderful pumpkin orange because I've decided it would be fun for the hospital to have some tiny knit pumpkin hats on hand next year for the babies born in October. If I begin now I can have several ready by then. Oh, and I bought soft, soft yarn in Christmas red and a skein of bright white. That will make adorable candycane stripped hats for this year's babies!

I get so excited over this stuff! And I'm collecting quite a "stash" of yarns in my workroom! Great, great fun.

And while I'd like to move beyond hats and sweaters....I think that perhaps making socks (when I arrive where I can actually do that) will still be for others and not for myself.

It feels so good!! And frankly I'm liking feeling good!!